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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Proud of Myself!!

I just need to say how proud I am of myself so far this year! This is the best I have felt in a LONG time. The reason why I am so proud is because I have stuck to my resolutions "to a tee"!

My resolutions for 2010....
1. Manage my money well.
2. Change my eating habits, eat healthier and cook more.
3. Stay on top of my school work, don't slack off this last semester.
4. Go to church regularly.
5. Have a positive attitude everyday and don't get upset so easily.

How I have stuck to my resolutions...

Managing my money: I have tracked all my purchases to see where I spend my money and become more aware of when and how much I spend. I also keep and organize all my receipts and try to stay within a budget. It has worked out great so far...I haven't been as stressed about money.

This budget book has been SO helpful!

You can find it here...along with other great tools!

Changing my eating habits: I track every little thing I eat, it has made me much more aware of what I am eating and deters me from eating when I am not hungry. I also have quit eating out as much...I try to only eat out 1 or 2 times a week and cook a lot more. Planning my meals ahead has definitely helped in deterring me from driving thru somewhere or going out to eat! Also I reward myself with a trip to YogaBerry on Saturday if I have eaten well and stuck to it! In just a week of tracking and eating better I have lost 7.5 pounds! Talk about motivation! Soon I will be starting a workout routine...I hope to join the gym in the next week or so. I feel so great...I think it will be easy to stick to what I am doing. The true test will be my birthday weekend, which is coming up!

Staying focused on school: I am trying to avoid getting the "senioritis." So I have made it a goal to motivate myself to not miss any class and study and stay on top of my assignments! So far so good....I got an A on my first exam, so it has rewarded me for my hard work! Only 2.5 months left...I can do it!!

Go to church regularly: Since I have been in college I have never really been regular with going to church. But my roomie and I have decided to go every Sunday far we have only missed a couple times, due to going home or whatever. But I feel like it has been a great way to end the weekend and start off the week. So glad we have stuck to it!

And finally... Have a positive attitude everyday!: I'm not saying that I didn't have a positive attitude everyday, but I would let one "bad" thing ruin my day...I would get upset over things easily. Now I have learned to brush things off and not worry so much! It has had a tremendous impact on how I feel all the time...I love it! I am much more relaxed and feel great! I definitely plan on keeping this up!

I know that was long, but it felt good to write it all out and share! Maybe it will even inspire someone to work on improving something about their life!

More fun and interesting posts to come later this week...promise! :)



Jen said...

Cute blog - just found it! :)

Courtney Michelle said...

Thanks! :)