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Monday, February 28, 2011 about neglecting this blog!

I haven't made a post on this blog since back in August

Things have changed pretty dramatically in those 6-7 months.

  • I have moved home to Jacksonville.
  • I have applied for many jobs and gone on many interviews.
  • Became very discouraged about finding a job.
  • Finally found a job in December and have been working there "part time" for 2.5 months. While it stinks to only be part time...I have been offered more hours and hope to finally get hired permanently in the next couple months. I have to be patient.
  • I have lost about 45 pounds. Since I have free time in the mornings I have started running and training for races and living a healthy life. 
  • I started another blog to focus on my weight loss.... CourtneyLovesLife
Because my main focus has now turned to working out, eating healthy, and losing weight...I have spent more time focusing on that blog instead of this one. But I really hope to start updating this one more often!

For those of you who have stayed a follower of this blog...thank you. I am sorry for just disappearing!

Please update me on the happenings of your lives in these last 6 months! Link me to important posts on your blogs!