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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Road Trip Recap!!

I am back from the road trip!! I had a blast! The road trip is just what I needed! My road trip buddy was my friend Amie
Here is a recap of the trip (warning: it is a tad long & tons of pictures from both mine & Amie's camera): 
Sunday: Woke up at 3:30am, picked up Amie, and we were on I-95 by 5:15am! We drove pretty much the whole way without stopping, minus a lunch break, and one random detour. haha. In NC we saw a sign for a Civil War battlefield and decided to get off the exit and check it out. Talk about being in the middle of nowhere! It was miles of cornfields and then a random little museum and battlefield. 
After the little detour and about 4 more hours on the road...we arrived in Richmond, VA. After changing out of our car clothes and into nicer clothes we went over to my friend Josh’s house and met up with him and his friend. They then took us on a lovely tour of Richmond, drove around for a bit and then walked around. We went to dinner at a cool pizza place called Bottoms Up and it was very good. It then began to storm, so we stuck around and hung out at the bar and had some drinks! Once the rain stopped we went back out and walked along the Canal Walk. We then somehow ended up going on a random hiking excursion (just to take a picture by the way). It got to be humorous because my friend and I were in the woods hiking around in dresses and sandals..definitely not hiking clothes. All for a picture. hahaha! We definitely had a great time in Richmond! 

Monday: We were up and on the road at like 8am! Our destination: Washington, DC!! It was only about an hour and a half car ride (including us getting lost lol) to Alexandria. We left my car at our friend’s apartment and walked to the metro station to take to the city. We went all over the city...we went to the Pentagon, Arlington National Cemetary, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and the Capitol building. After exploring the city for the day, we met up with our friend Arielle and walked to Chinatown to a cool restaurant for Happy Hour. We had some drinks and appetizers and then hopped on the metro and headed back to her place! She was wonderful for cooking us dinner and letting us stay with her! 

Tuesday: We were up super early and headed back into the city by 6:45am. Had to leave when Arielle went to work. Once again we walked around the city and checked out the White House and the Smithsonian Museum of Air and Space Science. Shorter day in the city because we then drove down to Raleigh, NC. In Raleigh we stayed with one of my good friends, Megan. I hadn’t seen her in years! It was sooo great to see her! We went out to dinner with her, she took us on a tour of NC State, and then we met up with her friends at a bar called Sammy’s for trivia! It was awesome catching up with her! 

Wednesday: We got on the road around 11am and drove down to Myrtle Beach! Got to the hotel and then went out to Broadway at the Beach! We walked around the stores, ate dinner at Joe’s Crab Shack and then went to a few of the bars! It was a fun way to end the trip!

Thursday: Woke up, loaded up, and headed down to the beach! We spent the morning hanging out at the beach before heading home. After the beach, we left Myrtle Beach around 1pm and drove back to Jacksonville, FL. 

I had a great time thanks to an awesome road trip buddy! :) 


Friday, June 4, 2010

Going On A Road Trip!!

My week off from work for a week begins today at 6PM on the dot. I can't wait! Last day of school for the kiddos at work! Wooo! Then a week off before summer camp!

On Sunday, my awesome friend Amie and I will be heading out on a 5 day road trip! I am beyond excited for this road trip! 

Here is our initial itinerary for the trip:
Leave from Jacksonville and drive up to Richmond, VA.
Take a tour of the city and go to dinner with my friend Josh.

Drive up to DC and be tourists for the day.
Hang out with our friend Arielle.

Drive down to Raleigh, NC.
Visit Megan, an old friend of mine that I have not seen in years! So excited!

Hang out a bit in Raleigh, NC.
Drive down to Myrtle Beach, SC.
Go out in Myrtle Beach.

Spend the day enjoying the beach.
Drive back to Jacksonville, FL. 

I hope that everything goes smoothly and that we have a great time! I think it will be a great trip and I can't wait! Only 2 more days! 


Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Need Out!!

Have you ever felt too comfortable?

I feel like I need some sort of drastic change in my I am way too comfortable and I feel like nothing really seems "exciting" anymore. I am way too comfortable living in Florida, with my living situation, with my job, and with being single. I am beginning to get sick of it all. I need change. I feel like if I just stay the way I am...I will get stuck. It's getting frustrating. I am happy, but not as happy as I think I could be. (Does that make sense?)

That is why I am in drastic need for this road trip this weekend. I hope that I can end up finding a place that just feels like "me." That is the main reason I planned this road trip. I want to explore my options. I need a new city. I need to meet new people. I feel like the only way to not feel comfortable anymore and to do things out of my comfort zone is that I need to be in an unfamiliar place and not have people I know everywhere I go.

Am I sounding crazy? (because I am feeling like I am.)

Ok, I love my family and friends to death and I would definitely miss them all sooo much! But I feel like I need to move away...for me. I feel like the past 22 years I have done 95% of everything for everyone else and not for me. I think I have just reached a breaking point and I need to change things and start doing things for me! I feel like I am not living my life completely for me and to the fullest. That needs to change fast. I am itching to get never before.

I have tried talking to a few friends about it and they don't seem to understand or think I am crazy. I feel like no one understands what I am thinking and feeling right now. They think it is odd that I don't want to move back to Jacksonville like they do and that I want to get away. They don't think that I am that "type of person" that can just move away. Frustrating.

I just need to figure out where I want to end up and I need to find a job! Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

I am so sorry for this very random and rambling of a post. I just really need to get it all out and writing it seemed to make more sense. I hope you all do not mind and don't think I am crazy!