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Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Need Out!!

Have you ever felt too comfortable?

I feel like I need some sort of drastic change in my I am way too comfortable and I feel like nothing really seems "exciting" anymore. I am way too comfortable living in Florida, with my living situation, with my job, and with being single. I am beginning to get sick of it all. I need change. I feel like if I just stay the way I am...I will get stuck. It's getting frustrating. I am happy, but not as happy as I think I could be. (Does that make sense?)

That is why I am in drastic need for this road trip this weekend. I hope that I can end up finding a place that just feels like "me." That is the main reason I planned this road trip. I want to explore my options. I need a new city. I need to meet new people. I feel like the only way to not feel comfortable anymore and to do things out of my comfort zone is that I need to be in an unfamiliar place and not have people I know everywhere I go.

Am I sounding crazy? (because I am feeling like I am.)

Ok, I love my family and friends to death and I would definitely miss them all sooo much! But I feel like I need to move away...for me. I feel like the past 22 years I have done 95% of everything for everyone else and not for me. I think I have just reached a breaking point and I need to change things and start doing things for me! I feel like I am not living my life completely for me and to the fullest. That needs to change fast. I am itching to get never before.

I have tried talking to a few friends about it and they don't seem to understand or think I am crazy. I feel like no one understands what I am thinking and feeling right now. They think it is odd that I don't want to move back to Jacksonville like they do and that I want to get away. They don't think that I am that "type of person" that can just move away. Frustrating.

I just need to figure out where I want to end up and I need to find a job! Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

I am so sorry for this very random and rambling of a post. I just really need to get it all out and writing it seemed to make more sense. I hope you all do not mind and don't think I am crazy!



Christa said...

Girl...I totally get where your coming from! I think I'm just "too comfortable" with my life right now too. Especially, the being single thing. I just don't know how to fix it!

Caitlyn said...

Don't apologize! You're not crazy :)

Jordan said...

I completely understand. That's how I feel as well! Although, I'm not one to go out and do something drastic by myself. But I am way too comfortable with my life right now.