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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Graduation Photos!!

My fabulous friend was awesome enough to take my graduation photos for me and I absolutely LOVE them!! She is such a talented photographer!! Check out her work here! Thank you so much Caitlyn!!

So here are the ones that were my favorite (warning: there are a bunch!):

Only 3 more days til graduation!!! I can't wait! This week has been awesome so far and it is only going to get better! 

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Last Day of Classes at FSU COMPLETED!!

I have just completed my last day of classes as an FSU undergrad! Sooooo weird!!! I am extremely thrilled with being done with 4 years of stressing over papers, pulling countless all-nighters, and sitting through hours upon hours of economics classes! But I am also going to miss the college life! I am both excited and scared to enter the real world! It is going to be soo weird to never attend another lecture or spend weekends in the fall attending football games as a student! I can't wait to see what the real world has in store for me! 

As of today I only have 2 finals and 9 days keeping me from being an official alumna of The Florida State University! Woooo!! 

I have so much to get done before graduation:
-hair appointment tomorrow at noon
-find cute heels
-finally decide on a dress
-get a mani/pedi
-graduation photos on Sunday (by my awesome photographer friend, Caitlyn!)
-actually study for my finals and finish any final assignments
-clean the apartment before my family comes next week
-finalize graduation party details

Okay, enough of my rambling about my excitement of graduation! Make sure you have entered My First Giveaway!! 

Hope y'all are having a fabulous day! 


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My First Giveaway!

I am so very excited to host my very first giveaway!! Since my graduation from FSU is just around the corner, I thought I would host a fun little giveaway in honor of my graduation! I found these cute items that I would love to give to one of you! 

{the adorable journal!}

{desk note pad box}

{it is also a photo frame! so cute!}

I personally LOVE cute journals and notebooks and cute desk items. I have an obsession with cute notebooks and journals! I seem to buy them all the time! I love shopping for notebooks and journals! I personally have each of these myself and I love them! 

To have a chance to win these fabulous items, here is what you need to know:

There are opportunities for a bunch of entries! Make sure you tell everything you did by leaving a separate comment for each entry!
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This giveaway will go until Thursday, April 29th at 7pm!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Graduation Party Invitations!

With graduation quickly approaching things have been absolutely crazy for me!!

I mailed out all my graduation announcements and party invitations! I made my graduation party invitations all on my own! I think they came out great! What do you think? 
{the invitations (half of it...the bottom half has the location and RSVP info)}

I have to decide what kind of food I want to have at my party...any suggestions? Since there will be a fairly large amount of people (about 50 or 60) I was thinking of either having my favorite BBQ place cater and then have like an open bar or have like Mexican food (fajita bar) and have "Margarita Man" machines (about 3 or 4 choices). What do y'all think? Any ideas??

Also today I went and picked up my cap & gown, and graduation tickets!! It made it all so real! Graduation is going to be bittersweet! 
{my tassel and graduation tickets!!!}

I have so much to get done this week! I have 2 papers, my resume, and career portfolio due by Wednesday & then another paper and group project due Thursday. I also still need to figure out my dress for graduation! I am not sure the dress I had previously thought was perfect is still "perfect." Guess we'll have to wait and see! 

I plan on having my first ever giveaway later this week! So make sure you keep an eye out for it!


Monday, April 19, 2010

Best Weekend EVER!

I just had the best weekend I have had in a LONG time! Such a fantastic weekend with my 3 fabulous roommates! On Friday night we decided that we wanted to take a trip to the beach this weekend and we saw that Corey Smith was going to be playing in St. George Island on Saturday, so that made our decision easy! St. George we come!!

Saturday morning we got up and hit the road at 9am and was on St. George Island and sunbathing by 11am! 
{my Volvo all loaded down and at the beach!}

{St. George}

We laid on the beach until about 4:30pm and then found a random bathroom to change and get ready for the concert. 
{taking turns using the mirrors to get ready! haha}

Then we walked over to Harry A's where they had a stage set up in the sand for "Rock by the Sea." Corey Smith went on at 6:30pm and played an awesome show! We had a blast! 

{Wendi, Meghan, & Katy}

{Me, Wendi, & Katy}

{Corey Smith!!}

{the roomies & Corey Smith!!! Love him!}

After the concert we then walked down to the Blue Parrot for dinner and drinks. Turned out to be an absolute blast! A band was playing and my roomies and I got the party started in the place by getting up and dancing to the band! We ended up hanging out with a bunch of awesome guys that we met that were there for a Bachelor Party! They were looking for a great time and we had a blast with them!! 
{the girls having fun @ Blue Parrot}

{one of the guys from the Bachelor Party climbing the pole! lol}

{partying with the Bachelor Party guys!}

Also Corey Smith showed up at the bar and was hanging out with everyone which was really cool! He then hopped up in stage and played a few of his songs! So we got two Corey Smith concerts in one day! 

We ended up staying a lot longer than planned because we were having such a great time partying on the beach at that bar with those guys! But we ended up driving back to Tallahassee at 2am. Talk about a rough drive! It was quite the entertaining ride to say that least!

I had such an amazing time with my roommates this weekend! I love them! It was great to do one last weekend trip together before graduation! I sure am going to miss random college trips like this! 

Sunday was spent laying by the pool all day. We relaxed and discussed the events and stories from Saturday. Lots of fun. We definitely plan on having another weekend like this again during the summer before we all move away! 

I only have 12 more days til graduation!! Crazy!! This is my last week of classes...ever! And then it is finals week after, right before graduation! I also pick up my cap and gown today! So excited!!!!


Friday, April 16, 2010

This Is Why I Love Spring...

I am currently spending my morning/afternoon by the pool before work. Perfect pool weather!! I am in love.

What do y'all love about spring?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rough Week.

I have not posted since Friday! I feel bad! But I have had a pretty rough week so far. I am beyond frustrated and stressed out! I think I may be close to reaching my breaking point right now. I feel like nothing I do is good enough for some people and I am getting sick of it. It is really starting to get to me for some reason. 
Also I have a ton of work to get done during these next couple weeks before graduation. Things are crazy for me! I'm not sure how regular I will be posting these next 2 weeks. But once graduation is over...I will be free as can be! 

Sorry for the short post, but my mind can't seem to think of anything but school right now! 

I hope you all have been doing well and that you have a fabulous week! 


Friday, April 9, 2010

Fantastic Friday!!

Today I got a bunch of goodies in the mail! It was awesome!! 
I got my lovely Lilly notebook and notepad that I won in a giveaway by the fabulous Katie
I also got in the mail the dress I ordered for graduation!! I took the advice y'all gave me chose the first dress.

Let me tell you...I absolutely LOVE it!! I love the colors and it fits perfectly! I can't wait to wear it for graduation in 22 days!! 
And finally...I received this awesome watch in the mail from my mom! 

She bought it for me at a store back home and I was so excited to finally get it! I have been really wanting a cute white watch for spring/summer! I think it's adorable!

Sorry that I don't have actual pictures of what I got in the mail...but I have misplaced my camera. 

I can't wait for tomorrow! I am getting up early and driving down to Gainesville for the Orange and Blue game! I know that you are probably wondering why the heck I would be going to a Gator game when I go to FSU..the rival school!? Well...I have a confession to make....I am a Gator fan! (Yikes! I know!) 
I grew up going to all the football games, yet I chose to go to FSU. Crazy, huh? 

So yea...I am meeting my dad and going to the game with him (it's a tradition of ours). 
Before the game I will be getting a new phone...hopefully an iPhone, because I kind of killed my Blackberry at work the other day. (my bad!) 
I am pretty excited about the thought of getting an iPhone! So hopefully I end up with one tomorrow!

That is what I have planned for tomorrow. 

What are y'alls weekend plans? 

*And also thanks to everyone who participated in commenting on my last post! It was great to get to know you! If you haven't commented...please do so!*


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Welcome New Followers!

I am super excited about my new followers! Thank you so much for reading and commenting on my blog! I hope you enjoy reading my blog! 

Also a big thank you to Jen over at A Girl in Pearls & A Boy with Toys for featuring me as a "Pearly Blogger!" I loved it!! 

To all my followers, thanks for reading my posts and commenting! Y'all are fabulous!!

Also don't forget to check out my other blog! The link to it is on the right column!

Since I have new followers I would like to try and get to know all of my followers, old and new!

I hope y'all will participate!! 

What to do: Leave a comment on this post telling me something fun and interesting about you! 
And if you want, feel free to ask me any questions you want! Anything at all and I will answer them!

I really want to get to know you all! So please participate!! :)

Also, now that I have more followers I want to do a giveaway soon! So keep an eye out, I will hopefully post about it in the next week or two! You won't want to miss out!


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dress Hunting!

I am on the hunt for the perfect dress for graduation! 
I can't seem to find anything I love yet and it is getting down to the wire! I only have 25 more days til I need to find a dress soon! So far I have just been trying the mall and local luck. I think I may now try and buy a few online and see if I can find a winner! Let me show y'all a few of the ones I like so far online and you all can help me decide which ones I should order! 

The first one is from Dillards...

The second is from Macy's...

The third is from Nordstrom...

So which one do you like the best?? 

**And also check out this fabulous giveaway from Fashion Meets Food! It ends Friday!**