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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Graduation Party Invitations!

With graduation quickly approaching things have been absolutely crazy for me!!

I mailed out all my graduation announcements and party invitations! I made my graduation party invitations all on my own! I think they came out great! What do you think? 
{the invitations (half of it...the bottom half has the location and RSVP info)}

I have to decide what kind of food I want to have at my party...any suggestions? Since there will be a fairly large amount of people (about 50 or 60) I was thinking of either having my favorite BBQ place cater and then have like an open bar or have like Mexican food (fajita bar) and have "Margarita Man" machines (about 3 or 4 choices). What do y'all think? Any ideas??

Also today I went and picked up my cap & gown, and graduation tickets!! It made it all so real! Graduation is going to be bittersweet! 
{my tassel and graduation tickets!!!}

I have so much to get done this week! I have 2 papers, my resume, and career portfolio due by Wednesday & then another paper and group project due Thursday. I also still need to figure out my dress for graduation! I am not sure the dress I had previously thought was perfect is still "perfect." Guess we'll have to wait and see! 

I plan on having my first ever giveaway later this week! So make sure you keep an eye out for it!



Sorority Girl said...

The invites are so cute!!! Congratulations on being a college grad!

Leanne said...

Cute invites!

As for food, I'd go with BBQ, you can't really go wrong there

Annie said...

yay how exciting!!
the invites look great....nice work :)

Design Apprentice said...

Thanks so much for your help yesterday. You are such an awesome blogging friend. The invitations are adorable!

Every graduation party I've ever been to with themed food like Mexican or BBQ, as apposed to standard choices like roast beef and chicken always is way more memorable. I would go with BBQ too, that sounds like an awesome idea.

Cassie said...

aww yay how exiting and so cute! i have been doing the exact same thing!! :))

Jordan said...

The invitations are SO cute! :-)

Fashion Meets Food said...

Cute invites!!! I cant wait for graduation pictures!

Graduation invitations said...

I couldn't agree more! They are so cute. i love your ideas for graduation invites and same here, I'll be looking forward to the graduations pics.