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Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend Was A Success!!

This weekend was a complete success! I had an awesome time!! I hope you all had a great Easter weekend too! 

Friday: I drove home to Jacksonville and helped my mom get everything ready for the baby shower on Saturday. That meant lots of cooking and wrapping gifts! 

Saturday: My mom and I went over to my Aunt's house at noon to set up everything for the baby shower at 2. The baby shower was a complete success and was a ton of fun! The shower was for my cousin, Brandi, who will be having a little boy in May! I was in charge of the games and decorations. Here are some pictures from the baby shower...

{the coffee table decorations, including the diaper cake I made}

{playing the candy diaper game! soo funny!}

{my adorable cousin Brandi: the mommy-to-be, checking out the diaper. hehe.}

{my Granny taking a sniff of the diaper! lol...she'd die if she knew I had this!}

{Brandi and her cute baby cake!}

{3 generations....soon to be 4!} 

{opening all the gifts!}

{Brandi and I}

Then on Saturday night, my Mom and I dyed Easter eggs! It was lots of fun! I always love dyeing eggs for Easter! Here are our egg creations...

Sunday: My parents and I went to church and then we went to lunch at Cantina Laredo out at the St. Johns Town Center. It was fabulous!! Then I sadly had to leave and drive back to Tallahassee. 

So now it is back to the grind! I just looked at my calendar and saw that there are....only 26 more days til graduation!!! WOW!! I can't believe it!

I hope you all have a fantastic week!

What did y'all do for Easter? Did you have a good weekend? 



Christa said...

Glad you had a good weekend! Love the diaper cake! Happy Easter!

Fashion Meets Food said...

looks like you had a fabulous time!!!! Love the eggs too cute!!!

Live graduation up honestly! If people ask you to go out and party GO you`ll regret it if you don`t!