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Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Can Hardly Wait til Tomorrow!!!!

Even though tomorrow I will be 22 and not the cool age of 21 anymore, I am still super excited for my birthday! Tomorrow will be a great day! Here is what I have planned:

Birthday Plans:
Go to the gym at 9.
Parents come in town around 12:30.
Lunch at Gordos w/ my parents and Katy.
Shopping & pedicures with the girls at 3.
Dinner at Bonefish at 7 with my parents and roomies (Meghan and Katy). Yumm!!
Out for drinks at Cafe Cabernet or some other bar with a bunch of friends!

Can't wait to spend the day with my Mom and Dad and my awesome friends!! Pictures and details from tomorrow's events will come this weekend! :)

I've had a great week! I started going to the gym on Monday and have gone every morning this week and I feel fantastic!! I love it! Never knew I'd ever say that! All I do is the treadmill for 45 minutes (mix of speed walking and running) and then weights for about 15 minutes. So far so good! I definitely see myself getting into the habit of going every morning! I did have to make a sneaker purchase this other shoes were way too small. I ended up getting Nike Air Tri-Ds and I love them!

I am not Catholic, but I am Methodist and we give up something for Lent. I decided to give up fast food for Lent.That should be tough, considering I am so used to just pulling through Chick-fil-a on my way too work or grabbing something quick between class. I think it will be good for me on my quest to be healthy and also help me save money! Did any of you give up anything for Lent?

Since my weekend starts tonight...I will go ahead and say that I hope you all have a great weekend! I will try to post something this weekend!