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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pictures from the wedding...

On Saturday I went home to Jacksonville for my friends LeAnne and Ryan's wedding! It was absolutely gorgeous!! The ceremony took place at our church, which was gorgeous, and the reception was held at The Florida Yacht Club, which is on the St. John's River. The reception was fabulous and a ton of fun!! I have a bunch of pictures from the this post contains a lot of pictures...enjoy! 

{my mom and I}

{Ben and I}

{the cake}

{the beautiful bride and her mother}

{my parents and I}

{Emily and I}

{Addison and I}

{LeAnne and Ryan cutting the cake}

{dancing with my parents!}

{breaking out the dance moves!}

{the bride and her sorority sisters}

{the bride and the fraternity brothers}

{at the end of the night...after a few glasses of wine lol}

{the gorgeous 1950s Rolls Royce getaway car}

The wedding was an absolute blast! I have never had that much fun at a wedding!! The band was awesome and had everyone dancing the whole night!! It was such a great wedding and reception! They sure do know how to throw a party! Congrats to them!!



Fashion Meets Food said...

You looked absolutely fabulous!!! The wedding looked beautiful!

Design Darling said...

so pretty! loved the bride's dress.

Fashion Meets Food said...

The Muffin tops are made by Vitalicious. You can either buy them online or some stores have them. They're in the frozen food section! Which is probably now a big help when you go and look for them. I know that Win Dixie (i think that's the name) and Publix carry them. My friend is constantly going to Publix and getting them. Just SEARCH the frozen food... I have found them with breakfast, muffins, ice cream and the organic stuff even though they're not organic! Hope that helps!

Design Apprentice said...

Such a pretty wedding! Loved the brides gown and you looked adorable too. :)