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Sunday, March 14, 2010

End of Spring Break Recap & New Layout!!

I decided that I wanted to try out a new layout for my blog. I have been messing around testing out new things last night and this morning and this is what I have liked the best. What do you think? Any tips or suggestions?

So it is officially the last day of last ever Spring Break! How sad!! Even though all I did was hang around Tallahassee, work, and go home to Jacksonville for a few days, it was still very un-stressful and enjoyable! I spent Friday-Tuesday here in Tallahassee and then decided to make the drive home on Wednesday for a few days. I didn't tell my parents and showed up at my mom's preschool class and surprised her! She flipped out!! It was great! She was so excited to see me and that made me happy! All of her kids are absolutely adorable! I want to take all of them home with me! hehe.

Thursday was spent being super lazy due to the lousy weather. So Rusty and I bonded on the couch all day! Isn't he just adorable? I miss him when I'm not home!

Friday, my mom and I had lunch and went shopping at the St. Johns Town Center! Oh how I love that place!! I had to get a wedding gift at Pottery Barn for the wedding next weekend and I also bought a few other unnecessary things for me! I don't think I can ever come away from the Town Center empty's just impossible!!

Then Saturday I went to lunch at Red Elephant and then headed back to Tally! So far today I went to the gym and had a very intense workout...which I needed! Especially after not going to the gym for 2 days and eating no-so-good while at home! I also ran into the grocery store to pick up a few things...and lookie what I found!!

Aren't they cute?! I made sure to buy two! Who knew Publix could have such cute market bags?! Love them!

I still have to finish writing my 15 page CFA paper! ughhh! Hope you all have a great day and a FABULOUS week!!



Molly said...

I want to steal your dog. Gah! I have been in a stealing mode lately, last night it was a toddler at my work in a Notre Dame jersey. Oh boy!

Fashion Meets Food said...

Heyy girly! Love the layout! I remember my last ever Spring Break it was bitter sweet. Cute puppy! Oh my word those market bags are adorable!!! Too bad we don't have Publix here! I would have gone out and bought those bags right away! Good luck on your paper!