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Friday, March 12, 2010

FSU Diploma List

Lately I have been thinking a lot about graduation and the memories I have made here at FSU...and boy are they great! But I realized that there are also somethings that I have yet to do that I want to do before I graduate on May 1st...or at least before I leave Tallahassee for good in August. So I have come up with my list of things I still have left to do and also a list of the things that are checked off my list. Here it is:

FSU Diploma List (left to do)
-go to a baseball game
-go to Flippin' Tuesdays at AJ's
-go to Ken's
-get pictures taken on graduation day in front of Wescott, Doak, and Unconquered
-experience a Downtown GetDown (springtime Tallahassee)
-relive freshmen year all over again by going to The Pub, Inn Between, and Floyd's...followed by a walk to McDonald's or The Diner on campus. And ride the Night Nole one last time. haha.
-go to the top of the capitol building
-spend a day at The Rez
-Bars to visit: Proof, Fermentation Lounge, Finnigans, Mint, Paradigm, and Clyde & Costello's.
-FSU circus show
-Happy Hour at Potbelly's

Checked Off the FSU Diploma List
-Tennessee Waltz on your 21st birthday
-football game at Doak
-tailgate for a football game
-men's basketball game at LCCC
-picture in front of Wescott as a freshman
-take a spontaneous road trip
-St. Patrick's Day block party at the Tennessee Strip
-take your parents out bar hopping on Parent's Weekend
-Lake Ella
-2-4-1s at Los Compadres
-Bars I've been to: AJ's, Potbelly's, The Pub, Inn Between, Mardi Gras, Floyd's, Big Daddy's, Chubby's, Level 8, The Winery, Cafe Cabernet, Bullwinkle's, Yianni's
-going to Bagel Bagel in your PJs hungover after a crazy night
-picture with the Garnet & Gold guys at an FSU football game

It's been fun thinking about the fun things that I've done while here at FSU...I sure am going to miss it. Graduation will definitely be bittersweet!



Design Apprentice said...

Courtney I'm so impressed with your list! I wish I'd thought to do this before graduation. My biggest advice would be to really savor those nights out with your girl friends, especially those ones you don't live near back home. I miss those girls and those moments best. Good luck with your list and I cant wait to hear more about your accomplishments!

Jen said...

Good for you for writing them all down so you don't forget to do any of them! I went down to FSU last year for a recruiting event for my company and fell in LOVE with the campus. It must have been a fabulous 4 years!

Molly said...

I made a bucket list and have a lot to do before May 16th! But it's more localized like go to a winery or travel to NY just to shop!