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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Great Words By An Amazing Person

Thought I'd share this from today...this was on the back of the bulletin from the funeral and I am truly moved by these words...  

"I pity the man who has had a life, free of ailments - where he has never faced his mortality, never thought of His maker - never even asked the question why? never thought of his life and of his mortality - never got to the depths of having nowhere else to go - but to God  
my ailment - gives me pause to think - and to thank - to thank God for what I have enjoyed - because every day is good, my daughter is a little cuter, day by day, my wife is a little sweeter, my sons stand a little taller -     
the meaning of my life - I am not sure, I may never grasp the fullness of what I wanted to be - all the more reason to focus on life, on living - strong yes, but more importantly, faithful - not consumed by my self, but of others - I have not fame, nor fortune, I therefore must claim my faith-"                                                  
Jeff Blanton (2/23/59-3/24/10)                                                
written on the inside of a church envelope  

It was such an amazing was evident how many lives he touched!



Design Apprentice said...

Wow, I am so terribly sorry to hear about your loss, how horrible. His own words sounded so God like and humble. I'm sure he's with our Creator now in peace. I'll pray for you and your church during this time. You're a testament to a life he touched while doing God's work, Courtney.