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Monday, March 8, 2010

I Love Not Having Class!

It is my Spring Break from school, but not work (stinks, but oh well!) and I am loving not having's nice to not be stressing out over assignments! If you didn't already know, I work part time at an elementary school. Sadly they are still in school and their spring break isn't for a few more that means that I still have to work. But the good thing is that I do get Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off! I have yet to decide what I will do with my days off. Not sure if I want to maybe go home to Jacksonville for a couple days or just stick around here. Pretty much all of my friends are on cruises or relaxing somewhere jealous! But I will say that I have enjoyed how empty this city is due to everyone leaving town! The gym is basically empty everyday and there is NO nice!

This past weekend was nice and relaxing. On Friday after work, my roomie Meghan and I went to dinner and hung out for awhile. Saturday we woke up and went for a morning workout at the gym and then ran errands. Then Saturday night we decided to go out , we ended up going to Level 8 (I think it may be my new favorite place) and it was fun. There were a bunch a politicians there because they are in session, so that was interesting. haha. But here's a picture of us at Level 8.

Sunday was awesome! I went to church and then got in an awesome workout at the gym before heading to Lake Ella and relaxing in the gorgeous weather! It was absolutely beautiful out! I loved it! I hope this great weather continues...I could totally get used to it!

I hope everyone has a great week!



Design Apprentice said...

Courtney, your weekend sounds like so much fun! I would have been so curious to see what politicians were around, I can only imagine how interesting that must have been. And Lake Ella looks amazing, send that spring north will ya, girl?

Molly said...

I'm so jealous! I spent my spring break with the removal of my wisdom teeth. Ahhh. And it was my last one, what was I thinking?! Enjoy!