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Thursday, January 28, 2010

What a day!

I am SO glad that today is over!! I had so much work due today, it was nice to finally get it all turned it! Had 2 papers, a set of math problems, an online quiz, and discussion board all today. Whew!! Glad that is over! And oh yea...I had a very dumb moment was bad! I was waiting for the bus on campus to get from one side of campus to the other after class, and well I thought I got on a campus bus, but I actually got on a city bus! Yea, bad mistake! I felt like an idiot, but couldn't help but laugh at myself! What would have been a ten minute ride across campus, ended up being an hour and fifteen minute ride around town. Never again will I attempt the public transportation system! hahaha!

Also tonight was "movie night" in our apartment complex. Might sounds like something fun, but it is actually the most annoying thing ever! It is set up right outside our place and it is very very loud! Tonight they were showing "The Hangover." My roommates and I decided to get the heck out for the evening! We ended up going to this little local restaurant called Cabo's. I had never been and it was actually very good food! Recommend it for anyone in the Tallahassee area. Then we went to my favorite place EVER....

Oh how I love that place!! That definitely made my crazy day a million times better! :)

I am so happy that tomorrow is Friday! I love not having any classes on Friday. Only have work in the afternoon! Then it is the weekend!! No plans for the weekend as of now...we shall see what happens. Just know that I won't be attempting to ride any form of public transportation! ;)