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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bachelor Update!

I never planned on watching this season of The Bachelor (like I have every other of the past seasons), but once again I was sucked in by the previews and all it took was one night of watching to get me to watch it every Monday night! So Jake was only supposed to be sending home two girls this week, but ended up sending home FOUR!! He eliminated Kathryn and Ella during their group date & then eliminated Ashleigh and Jessie during the rose ceremony. I was definitely very surprised that he got rid of 2 more than he was supposed to. But I respect him for cutting the ties now instead of later if he had no intention of ever marrying them.

I have been wanting so bad for him to send home Vienna, but once again he did not. Ugh!! That girl annoys me! But as for the other girls left, I'd have to say that Tenley is my favorite and I think that she would be really good with Jake! I'm just hoping that Vienna will somehow get sent home next week!! And I hope he ends up with Tenley! :)